About Us

“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities”

First Integrity Group, Inc. is a real estate investment company that focuses on profitable real estate investment opportunities while maintaining the highest level of Integrity. We do this for our own investments, for joint ventures where we invest with others, as well as by providing advice to clients on complex real estate transactions. Our Mission for the organization is to be committed in creating enjoyable real estate transactions through the efforts of the most dedicated professionals supported by innovative programs, tools and management. We work with our Partners to either Buy and Hold, or Fix and Flip every property that comes our way. We are also constantly looking to build new partnerships with other Real Estate Investors, Lenders, Contractors, and Realtors. Our drive is to develop enduring relationships with investors and homeowners, finding solutions amid the challenges and celebrating shared success, no matter what the economic climate.

Harmony and a positive attitude are critical to success. Without synergy and devoted teamwork our goals will remain unattainable. We at First Integrity Group Inc. highly appreciate talent and we continuously work to explore personal potential and to reward outstanding achievement. Our highly committed team is the company’s backbone and the catalyst of its success, creating and driving the trust in the FIG brand.

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The Team

Aaron Lockhart, President and Founder

Has over 10 years of experience as a Real Estate investor and over 13 years’ experience as a Sales & Marketing Manager in multiple industries.

Aaron bought his first property at the young age of 21 and has since bought investment properties in several states across the U.S. He carries a diverse background spanning from direct selling to residential and commercial businesses, area development, credit repair, mortgages, and internet marketing.

Aaron is the architect behind the various systems we have in place to meet the needs our clients, including but not limited to, office operations, marketing, as well as, researching new strategies to stay competitive in the real estate industry.

Rochelle Lockhart, Acquisitions Manager

Has over 15 years of experience in accounting and administration of which 4 years of it is dedicated to mastering the real estate industry. Her experiences range from Property Administration for Commercial Real Estate to Legal Administration for a small law firm. Rochelle also works with the team to plan, organize and direct activities concerned with maintenance, administration, and improvement of commercial, industrial, or residential properties. As well as accounting, bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivables and to formulate reports relating to scheduling, project progress and costs associated with repairs, renovations and maintenance.

But that’s not all, she also manages the other teams when it comes to tasks, performance, metrics that is always aligned to the mission and vision of FIG, Inc.

Alvaro Villalobos, Sales Manager

Has over 5 years experience as an Entrepreneur and in Sales in the Home Services industry. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Alvaro continues to be a valuable asset to the team and has set new standards for having a passion for his clients. With his strong work ethic and high quality approach in service, he is one of the leading forces behind the success our our Sales Division.

Oscar Darden, Quality Control & Leads Manager

Has over 15 years in Sales and Customer Service experience. Oscar has a deep history in Real Estate, with his family being involved in the industry for over 30 years. Ranging from rehabs, property management and maintaining rental portfolios, Oscar has seen it all. Now a valuable member of the FIG, Inc. Team, Oscar applies years of experience and passion for real estate toward making sure every client gets the service they are looking for.